MHC Medical Products, LLC


Who We Are

We are a young, but fast growing company offering high-quality medical products to Pharmacy Wholesalers and their value conscious customers. Our products are designed and manufactured to quality levels above or equivalent to the industry brand leaders of today. Value is an important aspect of our brand, our products and our company, so we make it our duty to offer our products at a much more affordable cost to the wholesale market.

In addition to offering great products, we also offer a greater buying experience to our growing customer base. Orders are shipped the same day they are received, our customers enjoy liberal payment terms, and we are EDI ready for your large warehouse.


Our premium products are designed and manufactured to a high level of quality.


Our products offer both significant savings to diabetics and greater profits to retailers.


We continually improve our products by instilling value in our consumer acceptance and compliance.


Our products can be purchased through America's premier wholesalers and neighborhood pharmacies.