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We design high-quality consumer diabetic & medical products for a better user experience.


Our products are distributed through America’s leading medical wholesalers, and are sold in neighborhood pharmacies throughout the United States.
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Our Brands

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EasyTouch® Diabetic Products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality levels possible. The EasyTouch® line includes Syringes, Pen Needles, Glucose Meters, Test Strips and more. With over 35 SKUs and growing, EasyTouch® is quickly becoming the next top brand in diabetic products.

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ColorSafe® offers quality to America's largest Vial suppliers, but at incredible savings. ColorSafe® Vials and Ovals are offered in five vibrant colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Violet & Red. With ColorSafe® Vials and Ovals, each pharmacy customer can personalize their prescriptions to help eliminate confusion.

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SureLife® blood pressure monitors are easy to read, accurate and offer a greater value than the national leading brands. Available in arm and wrist models, SureLife® accommodates your testing preference while delivering high accuracy results.

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MVP Vet® Syringes are designed and manufactured to the same high-quality levels as EasyTouch® Insulin Syringes. Consumers are quick to recognize this as their pets experience a more comfortable injection.


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